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Morton Memorial United Methodist Church

Peace, be still.
Mark 4:35-41

June 23, 2024
But, What About Our Storms?

Sundays at Morton Memorial

United Methodist Church

Sunday School ~ 9:30
Choir Practice ~ 10:00
Coffee Hour ~ 10:00
Worship ~ 11:00
Worship is live streamed on

Painting of Sanctuary by Bob Askew

Please step in, either to our physical location or to the online worship.  Experience love and affirmation at Morton Memorial United Methodist Church as we welcome you in the name of Christ, celebrating the unique person God created you to be!

If you would like to ask specific questions or want to get a taste of who we are, just reach out to me, Pastor Melisa Derseweh.  My email is

Our call to unity in Christ requires us to affirm the diversity and wonder that God gives us.  We are so serious about our commitment to the study of scripture that we read the Bible seriously, but not literally; intentionally realizing the preeminence of scripture that is the Gospel, the truly good news of Jesus Christ!  YOU are loved and welcomed!


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Morton Memorial UMC.

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